Sainsbury’s, United Kingdom

In October 2009, Sainsbury's teamed up with the MSC to increase consumer understanding about sustainable fishing.

The in-store campaign saw the retailer install point of sale material, recipe cards, posters and shelf edge labels promoting sustainable fishing and MSC accredited products.

Sainsbury's fleet of online delivery vans were also branded with the campaign imagery and the strapline "We're driving MSC sustainably sourced seafood".

"We're proud to continue to lead the way in offering sustainable seafood to our customers. As the UK's largest retailer of MSC, we always source food as responsibly as possible. At Sainsbury's we know that customers want the peace of mind that the fish they buy is as sustainable as possible, which is why we will continue to boost the amount of MSC certified fish available in our stores."

Ally Dingwall, Aquaculture & Fisheries Manager, Sainsbury's