Les Jours Bleus, France

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Leading seafood brands Findus, Connétable and Labeyrie teamed up with Carrefour, the world’s largest food retailer to run a joint-marketing campaign with the MSC.

Together, we launched ‘Les Jours Bleus’ (Blue Days), a nationwide consumer awareness campaign at Carrefour in France.

For the first time a point-of-sale campaign brought together chilled, frozen, and canned seafood into a single high-impact front-of-store display.

The Blue Days event reinforced Carrefour’s sustainability credentials with thousands of shoppers visibly buying into the brands’ commitment to sustainable seafood and their association with the MSC.

During ‘Les Jours Bleus’ 2010:
• 47% increase in Findus’ sales of un-breaded fish range in Carrefour
• Sales of Connétable products were multiplied by 10 compared to their average annual sales throughout the year
• 74% of shoppers were interested in the ‘sustainability’ issues surrounding seafood sourcing
• 80% of shoppers reported a ‘very good’ or ‘good’ perception of the campaign

The campaign was run for the third time in 2012.