FRoSTA, Poland

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From October till December 2014 Frozen Food Brand FRoSTA in Poland teamed up with MSC Poland and have launched first educational campaign for the Polish consumers to raise awareness about MSC ecolabel. FRoSTA has made a commitment to source all seafood from MSC certified sustainable fisheries. FRoSTA is currently the only company brand in Poland to be switching its entire range of frozen ocean-caught fish to carry the MSC ecolabel. As a result all fish from branded FRoSTA products in Poland, Germany, Czech Republic, Hungary and Romania will come from sustainable and well-managed fisheries.

The campaign, named “Let’s care about the sea!”, took place in the country’s six most popular shopping malls and internet stores. Interactive mobile stands provided consumers with the opportunity to play interactive games and learn about sustainable fisheries and responsible choices. Campaign was strengthen by the point of sale materials such as recipe cards, posters and wobblers promoting sustainable fishing and MSC accredited products.

“As a market leader in branded frozen fish products in Poland, we are obliged to care about the state of fish stocks and fisheries in the oceans around the globe. We are also aware that we cannot act on our own and we strongly believe that together with fishermen, other processors and consumers we are able to achieve meaningful results. Therefore we are very proud to achieved MSC certificate and we are glad that we can join this global initiative to safeguards fisheries for future generations.”

Aleksandra Wysocka, Marketing Manager, FRoSTA Poland