Albert Heijn, Netherlands

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For the third time running, in March 2012, the Dutch retailer Albert Heijn and the MSC joined forces to launch an in-store campaign promoting certified sustainable seafood under Albert Heijn's own brand pure&honest (puur&eerlijk).

This year's campaign was supported by a consumer event, 'The Sustainable Fishing Game', in front of one of Albert Heijn's largest stores near Amsterdam.

Throughout the campaign, sales offers and on pack leaflets promoting MSC labelled seafood were on display to encourage shoppers to make the switch to certified sustainable seafood.

More than 800 shops participated in the campaign with a wide range of MSC labelled products on display.

Results of the 2011 campaign:

• 9.5% of unique customers returned coupons from the Electronic Direct Mailing.
• 10 times as many unique mackerel buyers and 3.7 times as many unique herring buyers.