Aeon, Japan

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Aeon, Japan's largest retailer commitment to year-round marketing support, starting with an in-store campaign in 2010.

Aeon has been a committed supporter of certified sustainable seafood since the launch of its first MSC labelled products in November 2006.

"Increasing the range of Aeon's MSC labelled TOPVALU products gives us an opportunity to communicate the importance of sustainable fisheries to our customers. At AEON, we recognise our responsibility to protect marine resources and contribute to a healthy ecosystem. We will continue to offer sustainable seafood products to help protect our valuable fisheries resources. We are also committed to communicating in store through the MSC's joint marketing project to help change shoppers' purchasing behaviours. Together, we can make a difference."

Mr Kenji Tomari, General Manager of the Corporate Citizenship Dept of AEON
October 2011