Reinforce your sustainability credentials

The MSC ecolabel on your seafood is a great way to show your commitment to seafood sustainability. It is the most widely recognised and trusted indicator of seafood sustainability, allowing you to demonstrate best practice in sustainable seafood sourcing.

Consumer research

The ecolabel has been shown to add value to a brand by enhancing its sustainability credentials. An independent consumer research survey conducted for the MSC* shows how the MSC ecolabel can benefit a brand's sustainability credentials. When asked about MSC-labelled products, there was a 69% or greater agreement from respondents that:

  • The brand is a responsible business
  • The brand is concerned about the future of fish stocks
  • Respondents had a better feeling about the brand
  • Respondents were more likely to buy the product
  • Respondents are rewarding a good business when they buy the product

(* Research from Two Minds Dec 2008 – 800 respondents across USA, UK, Germany and Japan)

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Getting certified

If you would like to find out how you can become MSC certified please contact your nearest MSC office or email