Understanding your shopper journey

Shopper marketing involves using shopper and consumer insights to create bespoke strategic and creative touch points that help tell a brand story and drive traffic to product on the shelf time and time again.
The shopper journey from the sofa to the shelf and back again is full of endless brand interaction opportunities.
Dirk Göbel, Managing Director Saatchi & Saatchi X Frankfurt

People behave differently when they are in 'shopper' mode than they do when they are going about their normal daily lives as consumers.

Consumers are 'forward thinking', while shoppers are 'task-oriented'

Consumers are ‘forward thinking’ and, when researched, consistently report high level of support for the MSC program and environmental issues. However, as shoppers, they become 'task-oriented' and their values are often forgotten in a retail environment.

Shopper decisions

Shopper marketing is now recognised as a crucial component to ensuring shopper behaviours matching consumers' values.

The point of purchase is where over 80% of shopper decisions are made, so in-store marketing is important in reaching consumers and influencing shopper behaviour.

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